Why do we call ourselves that?

Candela, if you were wondering, is the basic unit of luminous intensity. Interesting, isn’t it? We at Candela work to help corporations and lives shine, through transformative services using cutting-edge technologies

What we do at Candela?

We are a start-up that offers IT solutions as services to clients. In today’s world, the need to make user experience intuitive and outstanding, reducing operating times and costs, data standardization are the main factors that drive the core of every business

At Candela, we endeavor to help you address some of your IT needs, using our expertise in next-gen technologies

Range of services

If you/your business is looking for any of the following services, you may well consider this the end of your search. We currently offer the following services and will strive to keep adding to these as we go

Cross-platform application development

Enterprise integration

Data Analytics

Chatbot development

Robotic process automation

Mobile SDK development

Our forte

We and our team of developers specialize in the following technologies. We are also constantly getting up-to-date on new developments in these areas

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Build a bot to engage in conversational interactions with users

Machine Learning

Cloud solutions

Provide robust and scalable solutions for customer problems


Data sciences

Implement techniques and algorithms to process data and make better business decisions

Our clients

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